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School Programs


E Mālama i ka Āina: Take Care of the Land that Sustains Us - Grades PK-6

E Mālama i ka Āina teaches students about taking care of the land that produces food for people. Through fun, hands-on activities, students learn ways to help mālama (to take care) plants. Students are taken on an adventure through nature to discover the wonders of compost, how to plant seeds and how to make a natural insect repellant to protect plants. Accommodates up to 60 students.

E Mālama i ka Wai: Take Care of the Water – Grades 1-12

E Mālama i ka Wai helps students discover the importance of fresh water in an ahupuaa. While exploring a part of Kamananui Stream and the muliwai (estuary), students use observation skills to find and identify different species that depend on fresh water to survive and get to participate in a fun, hands-on game that helps them learn the importance of clean, fresh water. In addition, students are given the opportunity to help make a difference in the health of the fresh water in Waimea Valley by planting a native Hawaiian plant that aids in erosion. Accommodates up to 60 students.

Ahupua‘a: Mountain to the Sea - Grades 4-12

In Ahupuaa – Mountain to the Sea, students learn about life in an ahupuaa through fun, hands-on activities that focus on resource management and native Hawaiian plants and their cultural uses. Students are introduced to the ahupuaa of Waimea through a creative game that helps students identify the various native species that live here. As part of their activities, students also learn to identify many Hawaiian plants and discover their cultural uses. In addition, students participate in making a Hawaiian tool and learn the value of taking care of resources. Accommodates up to 60 students.

Nā Wai Noho ‘Ia o Waimea: The Inhabited Waters of Waimea - Grades 1-12

In Nā Wai Noho Ia o Waimea, students learn the value and importance of fresh, clean water in an ahupuaa. Fresh water is the source of all life and participants will be introduced to a variety of native Hawaiian endangered species that rely on the fresh water habitat for survival including the ‘alae ‘ula (Hawaiian moorhen) and the oopu (Hawaiian goby fish). As young stewards of the land, students will help to mālama and make a difference in the health of the fresh water in Waimea Valley by planting a native Hawaiian plant that aids in erosion and provides nutrients to the water. Accommodates up to 60 students.

Nā Pā‘ani Kahiko: Ancient Hawaiian Games - Grades K-12

The Na Pāani Kahiko program introduces students to traditional games and activities that were part of daily life in ancient Hawaii. At Waimea’s Hawaiian Games Site, students will participate in hands-on, group activities to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the cultural, historical, and social importance of these ancient Hawaiian sports. Students will learn protocol, rules, teamwork, sportsmanship, and Hawaiian values. Participating in these games promotes a healthy and athletic lifestyle. Accommodates up to 80 students.

Ke Awāwa o Waimea: The Valley of Waimea – Grades K-12

Ke Awāwa o Waimea is a customizable guided walk from our ticket booth to the Waterfall and back. Students get to learn about the ahupuaa system, listen to the history of Waimea, see rare Native Hawaiian plants and animals, discover Kau Hale (our traditional Hawaiian living site)and other significant cultural sites, explore Kamanui Stream, experience our Hawaiian game site and spend some time enjoying the beauty of our picturesque waterfall. Accommodates up to 80 students.

Reservations and Fees:

Please call 638-5859 to make reservations. Waimea Valleys Field Educators will provide detailed descriptions of the hands-on activities, Hawaii Content & Performance Standards (HCPS III), vocabulary, rules and safety concerns and a pre-visit check list to assist teachers in preparing for their visit to Waimea Valley. We look forward to scheduling a guided program for your school!

Fees: $5.00 per student, $6.00 per extra adult; We require one adult for every five children in Early Learning & Kindergarten and one adult for every 10 students in Grades 1 to 12. The required amount of adults are free.

We accept the following forms of payment checks, credit cards, cash or purchase orders.
All school programs are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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