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Plants and Wood for Sale!

Shape your own traditional or modern surfboard with Wili Wili.  This wood is light and strong and is the wood that was traditionally used to shape Hawaiian surfboards.  The boards are thin - 3/4" to 1 1/2" thick!  The Wili Wili tree is serious jeopardy due to an invasive wasp that is killing all the Erythrina trees in hawaii. 

Don't miss your your chance to preserve a part of surfing culture before this resource is gone. 

Check out Alaia on YouTube for ideas. 

Plank boards made from trees in Waimea Valley

Plantsforsale wood

WILI WILI planks = $10 per board foot (board foot = 12" X 12" X 1").  Various lengths, widths and thickness are available.  Planks are up to 9'4" long and 4' thick.

Other woods are also available:

CHINA BERRY (Pride of India) = $8/board foot
MONKEY POD = $8/board foot

Plant Sales:

Waimea Valley Botanical Garden is offering some of our plants from our collection for sale.
We sell plants at our gift shop, directly from the nursery , or call to place an order.
Currently we have:  koa, sedges, gingers, heliconias, cacao, other ornamentals and some fruit trees - subject to change as plants become available.

There are 3 major plant and wood sales  per year, in August: Pulama Day, October: Makahiki and November: Arbor Day.

To find out more about plant and wood sales please call Josie Hoh at (808) 638-5875 or email: